Palava and the Pandemic

Staying true to the update rhythm of our blog, another three years has gone by since our last post. The cause for our newest update is not a happy one: the situation concerning the corona pandemic.

As we all know, #stayhome has become the mantra of the past and future months. Technology has made it a little more bearable, by offering us video chats with our loved ones, colleagues, or business partners. Naturally, the team decided to take part in this endeavor.

Here is a quick reminder: is a free and open option to have safe and encrypted video calls and small group meetings. All video and audio data is directly transmitted between all participants, and you are not required to mention that you are on when interviewing someone for a podcast. No registration is required, and because of our non-profit structure, we have no interest in collecting your personal data.

As a first step, we have revisited the user interface and have implemented much-needed updates. It was designed with mobile devices in mind and to make the integration of new features easier:

2020 First Front-end Update

  • Conference interface completely redone
  • Supported desktop browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Edge (v79+), Safari
  • Supported mobile platforms: Android, iOS
  • In-line documentation and usage tips
  • Ability to display peer connection information of others, like IP addresses
  • Full web application translated to German language

Take a glimpse here:

Screenshot of

We are quite happy that the new front-end landed, but there is still a lot more that needs to be done. New features are necessary (like screen sharing), and the overall robustness needs to be improved to make more reliable (like connection quality monitoring and relay servers to improve connection success rate).

And the best thing is: There are a lot of opportunities for you to help!

Support as a User is far from perfect. But with your help, we can locate and dispatch bugs and errors. Please report your findings on our GitHub or just send an email to

Support as a Contributor

If you have some expertise in back-end or front-end development, design, product, ux, or anything else you feel could improve, checkout some concrete issues in our projects: signaltower, palava-web, palava-client. Look out for issues with the “good first issue” label.

Support Financially

In order to speed up development and to scale up our infrastructure, we put our bank information on our page and we are also preparing accounts on Patreon and GitHub Sponsors. We are convinced that during the pandemic, can help people communicate easily and safely and that we should not leave online video communication to the big players. You can help achieve this goal.

We are eager to hear your feedback, either via email (, Twitter (@palavatv), or GitHub (@palavatv).

Stay safe! — The palava team